Innoteсh company provides a wide range of services in the industrial automation field, from production lines technical support to auxiliary equipment design and manufacturing.


The industrial equipment should be maintained by qualified, experienced, highly skilled personnel. The services provided by Innoteсh for the automatic production lines technical support provide you with a confidence that the servicing is carried out efficiently and complies with the regulations of manufacturers. Technical support is a set of measures aimed at maintaining the manufacturing equipment in operating condition, reducing operating costs and increasing the manufacturing efficiency.

The range of technical support services includes:

  • Innoteсh company offers the following types of installation and commissioning works:
    • equipment assembly and positioning at the site of its permanent operation, inspection and testing of the installation quality;
    • installation of cable routes and laying of power and signal cables, installation and connection of control cabinets;
    • equipment connection to utility networks;
    • organizational and technical management over the equipment installation (installation supervision);
    • commissioning, performance optimization and the equipment acceptance tests.
  • Innoteсh company updates the line of discontinued equipment in full accordance with the recommendations of manufacturer: Siemens AG.
    The list of equipment with available retrofitting includes: servo drives (Simovert Masterdrive MC/VC), frequency converters (Micro-, Midi-, Combi Master), operator panels (series 177, MP277, MP370), integrated with the panel controller (C7-626, C7-636), controllers (Simatic S5, S7-200, S7-300, S7-400).
  • Innoteсh company integrates new equipment into the existing APCS systems, upgrading the outdated and implementing the modern control systems at enterprises with different automation levels.
    Systems we work with: PlantiT V6,V7,V8,V9 by Proleit, PCS 7 and WinCC OA by Siemens AG.
    Our experts are familiar with various technological processes in industrial manufacturing, regularly improve their knowledge level in training centers of APCS leading manufacturers and have all the necessary certificates confirming their qualifications.
  • Innoteсh company provides the following types of services:
    • equipment technical audit and manufacturing efficiency analysis;
    • technical measures to improve the manufacturing efficiency, including the units upgrading, automation of technological processes and software optimization;
    • service personnel training.
    We are ready to enter into an agreement to support the uninterrupted operation of your equipment 24/7, during which we guarantee a quick response and qualified assistance.


Innoteсh company designs and manufactures the auxiliary equipment for industrial automatic lines. The manufactured machines have all the necessary certificates and comply with the requirements of the regulatory documents established by the Customs Union. Our equipment can be easily integrated into any automatic line, both domestic- and foreign-manufactured.

Currently, the following auxiliary equipment is manufactured:

Innoteсh company manufactures the container conveyors as special sections. Each section is a completed conveyor unit, with its own conveyor belt (chain), side guides, geared motor and sensors. We manufacture sections for various functional purposes for the transportation of glass, PET, aluminum and steel containers. Such sections can be used as a construction set to assemble a conveyor system of any configuration. In addition, our sections can be built into any conveyor line both domestic- and foreign-manufactured.
The conveyor control system can be integrated into any top-level control system.
A distinctive feature of Innoteсh conveyors is great manufacturing precision. Careful adjustment of adapter plates provides reliable product transportation of wide size range without falling or damaging.

The main components of the manufactured conveyor systems (sections):

  • single-row, necessary for joining the conveyor system with the machines of production line;
  • storage, designed to create buffers accumulating products in front of the machines;
  • tables of free-flow container gathering, used to integrate storage and single-row conveyors;
  • special, for changing the container vertical position, for example, can overturning.
Main specifications
Performance:up to 65,000 bottles (cans) per hour
Side material:stainless steel
Belt materials:plastic, stainless steel
Section length:1.5m, 2m, customized

The packaging conveyors are manufactured from high-quality imported components. The standard width of the transported packaging is up to 500 mm, this range can be expanded upon individual order. We can design both complete conveyor system, and integrate our conveyors into any existing system.

The main components of the manufactured conveyor systems (sections):

  • Storage, necessary to create accumulating buffers in front of the machines;
  • rotary, intended to rotate the conveyor line by 30°, 45°, 90° or 180°;
  • drive, for integrating storage and rotary conveyors;
  • special, to change the product position on the belt, for example, 90° turn..
Main specifications
Performance:up to 5000 packagings per hour
Side material:stainless steel
Belt materials:plastic rollers, lined rubber band
Section length:from 2 to 8 m, customized

Innoteсh company manufactures conveyor sections, which can be used as a base to assemble almost any conveyor system for pallet transportation. During conveyors manufacturing we use only high-quality, proven materials, including imported components. The well-proven SEW-Eurodrive geared motors are used as power drives.
We can design a conveyor system for any company or warehouse, automate management and integrate it into your APCS system.

The main components of the manufactured conveyor systems (sections):

  • chain, intended for pallet transportation in the transverse direction;
  • roller, intended for transportation in the longitudinal direction;
  • combined, used at junction of chain and roller conveyors;
  • rotary, to change the movement direction of pallets transported in the transverse direction.
Main specifications
Performance:up to 100 pallets per hour
Pallet type:Euro (1200x800x145 mm), industrial (1200x1000x145 mm)
Carrying capacity:up to 1500 kg
Side/Roller Materials:stainless steel / galvanized steel
Side coating:powder coating, anodizing, galvanizing
Section length:1.7m, 2.5m, customized

The purpose of the system is to provide an uninterrupted supply of aluminum lids for automatic seaming machines.
The unit is manufactured of materials certified for food manufacturing: AISI 304 stainless steel, polyethylene and polyurethane.
The unit design meets the highest requirements in the labor protection field.
A large selection of additional structural elements allow for the feeding system installation in almost any production facility, both in the immediate vicinity of the seaming machine, and at a considerable distance from it.

Main specifications
Recommended performance:up to 65,000 cans per hour
Lid type and diameter:SOT Aluminum/steel, 2.00-2.02
Feeding conveyor standard length:5 meters
Feeding conveyor height:800мм
Unit mass:150 Kg

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